We believe that
the implicit driving force behind every conservation measure should not be any legislature or compliance control, but the desire, willingness & commitment to formulate a well thought out, comprehensive & effective pollution abatement system which not only accomplishes our business as well as social responsibility but also has definite economic perspective.
BEC will strive to assist you in this objective.
The Organization
AMC and O&M
About Us
Betterworld Enviro Consultants, (BEC) is a truly professional turnkey consulting organisation set up by first line professional entrepreneur with the objective to provide high quality, value driven environmental services to commercial, industrial, private, governmental and non-governmental sectors.

To support and educate the community as a whole and industry in particular, on the development and implementation of sustainable environmentally benign practices, will be the prime mover at BEC. This will reflect in BEC's commitment to provide cost-effective solutions encompassed within a framework of total quality assurance to its clients for their environmental policy objectives and problems - expressed as well as implied.
The following describe BEC's fundamental approach to conducting business:
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Excellence in all endeavors
  • Corporate Integrity
  • Orientation to timely, innovative and cost effective solutions.
The services rendered by BEC include:
  • Integrated Environmental Management (IEM)
  • Water, Waste Water / Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plants (ETP/STP)
  • Air Pollution Control & Treatment Equipment (APCM)
  • Annual Operation and Maintenance Contracts for Pollution Control Equipment (AMC & ONM)
  • Noise Pollution Control and Acoustic Treatment (Acoustic)