We believe that
the implicit driving force behind every conservation measure should not be any legislature or compliance control, but the desire, willingness & commitment to formulate a well thought out, comprehensive & effective pollution abatement system which not only accomplishes our business as well as social responsibility but also has definite economic perspective.
BEC will strive to assist you in this objective.
The Organization
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Water, Waste Water/Effluent & Sewage Treatment
Government regulations increasingly demand that industry treat its wastewater prior to discharge. However, more importantly, water is one of those resources, which is increasingly becoming scarce and has across the globe started attracting concern for judicious usage.

BEC responds to the special demands of industry by providing customized solutions for optimal treatment of wastewater, with the assurance of single source responsibility when associated on a turnkey basis.
Effective water treatment can only be obtained through:
  • elaborate laboratory and/or site analysis using appropriate investigation models to determine the quality of the water treatment problem at hand.
  • preparation of the feasibility report for treatment after model studies.
  • Detailed designing of the solution proposed in the feasibility scheme.
  • Procurement, erection, installation & commissioning of the designed solution.
  • Appropriate treatment and analysis of the process so as to reduce contamination or treat at source.
BEC's ability lies in providing solutions for any or all of the above elements of a good Effluent Treatment Plant. Emphasis is laid on adopting the Zero Discharge Schemes (ZDS) while designing and executing the wastewater treatment plants to reduce any form of water or soil contamination.